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Ongoing Support

Once you’ve decided who is best suited to provide you with the care, support, services or equipment you need, SILC can help with the ongoing management, financial monitoring and administration of your Direct Payment.

This could include:

  • helping you with the financial management and monitoring involved in having a Direct Payment including help with completing quarterly summaries and end-of-year reconciliations.
  • helping you check timesheets and invoices, write cheques, set up direct debits and liaise with payroll services.

Some of the ongoing financial support services from SILC must be paid for. If you wish or need to use our financial support services, SILC will make you aware of these costs up front and arrange for the services to be paid for as part of your Direct Payment.
(See Fact Facts 9 - Supported Managed Accounts)

Remember, you can contact us at any time for help, information or advice on any aspect of you Direct Payment.


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