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SILC – Who we are

Surrey Independent Living Council (SILC) is a voluntary organisation led and run by disabled people. We believe that every disabled adult, child, older person and carer should be able to live independently with the same choices, opportunities and control over their lives as anyone else.

Our specialist, approachable team offer a range of services to help you live independently, whether you receive support from the council, NHS or fund your own care.
Depending on your situation, we can assist with:

  • deciding whether a Direct Payment is the right option for you
  • helping you understand how Direct Payments work
  • helping you to recruit and employ care workers and Personal Assistants
  • training, including Support with Confidence
  • practical advice on staying safe and independent at home
  • providing an Assisted Finance Account to help you manage your finances
  • support with budgets, bank accounts and financial management
  • managing your Personal Health Budget or Education Direct Payment

We provide the NHS Health Complaints Advocacy service in Surrey and also administer the GP Carer Break Scheme, including the carer prescriptions service, and are involved in joint ventures and national initiatives including Healthwatch Surrey.



Coronavirus / COVID-19 Fast Facts for employers and PAs


Due to the current pandemic affecting individual employers and personal assistants, we have put together some Fast Facts to help employers and PAs know what to do (in terms of employment or being employed) during this crisis. We recommend you read all of them.

You can see all of our COVID-19 Fast Facts here

We have useful links to various COVID-19 resources on our links page here

Free flu vaccinations for Carers

Flu can be serious and can be easily spread to those who are more vulnerable. If you are in receipt of a carer’s allowance or are the main carer of an older or disabled person you are eligible for the free flu vaccination.

Visit for more information.




Important news from Surrey County Council for families who employ a Personal Assistant

Surrey County Council have released the following news:


"In recognition of the invaluable support Personal Assistants provide to disabled children and their families in Surrey, the County Council has amended the hourly rate of Direct Payments for the employment of Personal Assistants (PAs). The intention is that parents will find it easier to recruit and retain PAs.

For all new direct payment arrangements (as of 1 May 2020): There is a new hourly rate of £10.75 per hour applied as from May 1st 2020. This new rate applies across the seven days of the week. There is no need for you as a recipient of DPs to take any action in regards to this – it is all happening behind the scenes.

For existing arrangements (as of 1 Oct. 2020): The new rate will mean weekday payments will rise from £8.72 to £10.75 per hour. Where there are existing weekend rates in place of £12.02 or above these will remain at that rate until there is a change of Personal Assistant. Again there is no need for you as a recipient of DPs to take any action in regards to this – it is all happening behind the scenes.

This wage adjustment is positive news and an important step forward for direct payments, which is such a significant part of Surrey’s short breaks offer. By having one rate across the 7 days of the week families will have greater flexibility as to when they are used which will be particularly helpful for school holidays."






Free Training for personal assistants and direct payment employers

Due to the current pandemic, SILC have moved the training online, for the forseeable future, until the Government advises we can resume as normal. For more details and to register for training either online or in the future, please either email or phone 07514 093 616.




Become a SILC Trustee

In 2017 we successfully retendered for Surrey County Councils Direct Payment support service and we are also adding NHS Health Complaints Advocacy and a further Supported Pathways to Employment project to the services that we offer.

We now want to strengthen SILC and make sure we are doing what you need and reflect your needs in the way we provide services.

In order to do that we are looking for disabled people to join our Board of Trustees and help us oversee the development and management of the organisation.

If you are interested just call us on 01483 458 111 or email our admin team at:




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