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Organising your own Support with Direct Payments

Once you’ve made the decision to go the direct payments route, SILC can help you find the support and assistance you need.

We’ll help you choose between:

A. recruiting and employing a personal assistant;

B. using the services or equipment you need from an established provider or supplier, such as a day centre or respite unit;

C. using a dedicated care agency to support you with workers employed by them.

Option A. Recruiting and employing a personal assistant

SILC can support you every step of the way:

  • helping you prepare a specification, outlining the skills, knowledge and experience that your assistant will need
  • helping you write a job description detailing the hours of work and the tasks involved,
  • helping you to draft and place a job advertisement,
  • helping you to send out application forms, and shortlist replies,
  • be there with you whilst you interview suitable candidates.
  • (See Fast Facts 4 - Recruiting a personal assistant)

CRB and reference checks

Once you’ve decided on who you’d like to employ, we’ll help you:

  • carry out Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) checks
  • follow up references

Confidentialty and Safeguarding

SILC will ensure that your personal details are not made public or shared with anyone other than the person or people you choose to employ. We’re there to help protect your privacy at every stage.
(See Fast Facts 19 - Your information - How we use and keep it)

Option B. Using the services of an established provider

SILC can help you identify local providers or suppliers who may be able to offer the kind of care or support you’re looking for. Alternatively you may already know of a service, centre or group you’d like to join.

All care agencies and providers of residential respite care must be registered with
the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) and should be able to show you a Certificate of Registration.

We’ll help you check that the certificate is valid and print out a copy of the provider’s latest CSCI inspection report.

Option C. Using a dedicated care agency

Whether you employ a personal assistant yourself, or enlist the help of an agency, the thing that matters most is that you’re happy with the person you choose.

If you decide to go the agency route, SILC can help you identify and negotiate with suitable agencies, check that they have the necessary licenses and that they will be able to provide the assistance you need.
(See Fast Facts 3 - Buying from agencies and care providers)



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