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SILC Services

SILC helps disabled people, older people and carers to live independently and make the most of the support available in Surrey.

Independent Living Advisers

Our specialist, approachable team of Independent Living Advisers (ILAs) are available to provide information, advice and help with all aspects of independent living, such as organising care at home and setting up and managing direct payments.

The team can assist with a wide range of issues whether you receive support from the council, NHS or fund your own care.

Our ILAs cover the whole of Surrey and most of their work involves visiting people at home which means they are often away from the office.

Our Referrals Coordinator will probably be the first person from SILC you speak with. She will consult you about the variety of services we can offer you as an individual, and refer you to an ILA and/or Financial Monitoring Adviser (see below) as requested.

Our ILAs can assist in recruiting personal assistants (PAs). They will help with advertising for PAs and interviewing potential candidates. Also with contracts, insurance and payroll etc., when a suitable PA has been chosen.

Ongoing support can include help with staff management, supervision and appraisal, disciplinary issues and health and safety at work.

We offer an ILA duty system between 12pm and 2pm on weekdays, which means there will usually be an ILA available to answer general questions between these times. You can call 01483 458 111, or email to contact ILA duty directly.

Personal Health Budgets

SILC services are available to people using NHS funded Personal Health Budgets (PHBs) to organise and provide the help they need to manage their 'continuing health care' or long term health condition.

Financial Monitoring Advisers

We have an experienced team of Financial Monitoring Advisers (FMAs) who, like our ILAs, cover the whole county.

Much of their work involves helping direct payment recipients with their monitoring and reconciliation forms, but they can help sort out any difficulties someone may have got into with the financial side of their direct payment too. The team can also provide money management support to people who fund their own care.

For people who need a little extra help, our FMAs can visit on a monthly basis to help make payments and ensure that records are up to date.

Carer Prescription Service

SILC manages and administers the GP Carer Prescription service.

GP Carer Break Payments
One off payments of up to £300 are authorised by a carer's doctor (GP) in order to provide them with a respite from their caring role. This scheme involves SILC's Carer Support Advisers contacting carers who have been referred by their GP to discuss how they could benefit from a payment and explain what is involved.

Carer Prescriptions
SILC administers an onward referrals and information provision service, for carers, on behalf of external providers and GPs.

Supported Managed Accounts

For people who want a direct payment but for one reason or another do not want to have the money paid in to a bank account of their own, we offer a Supported Managed Account (SMA) service.

We open a bank account in the name of the person whose direct payment it is and only income and expenditure relating to that direct payment are managed with this account.

Costs identified in an individual's support plan are paid out of the SMA and a copy of the bank statement and the direct payment monitoring form are sent to clients of the SMA on a quarterly basis.

Assisted Finance Accounts

SILC is able to support people to manage their own personal money by providing an Assisted Finance Account (AFA).

The service is suitable for people who, although they have capacity to make their own financial decisions, need help to manage their money on a day to day basis.

The service can include acting as an appointee for benefit purposes, setting up and managing a specific bank account on an individual’s behalf, assistance with budgeting and bill paying and the provision of regular manageable cash amounts.

DBS Checks

SILC can carry out Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks for personal assistants at the request of our clients. A DBS check will show whether a PA has a criminal record or not. It is necessary to have a DBS check if a PA is supporting a child (under 18) and is highly recommended if supporting an adult. This service is free for direct payment recipients.

Peer support

SILC operates a programme of peer support groups throughout Surrey. Direct payment recipients, and those who fund their own care, can use these forums to meet with SILC staff and each other. Peer support groups are a great way of sharing knowledge and experiences, solving problems and chatting to people in similar situations.

PA and employer training

SILC runs training courses for personal assistants and employers of personal assistants.

For employers, we run Good Boss training, which covers subjects such as setting boundaries, managing staff, keeping everyone safe and legal and what to do if it all goes wrong.

PAs have a choice of many different courses including Support with Confidence accredited training and single day courses which span a host of subjects such as safeguarding and first aid (which include a qualification and certificate).

Presentations and training

SILC attends events and functions throughout Surrey in order to promote the use and value of direct payments, independent living and Self Directed Support. We also offer training and information sessions to Surrey County Council staff, voluntary sector organisations and other interested parties. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Healthwatch Surrey

SILC, along with Citizens Advice Surrey and Help and Care, is one of the delivery partners involved in providing Healthwatch Surrey.

Healthwatch Surrey is an independent organisation that gives the people of Surrey a voice to improve and shape services and help them get the best out of health and social care services.

Healthwatch Surrey also provide the Independent NHS Complaints Advocacy Service in partnership with Surrey Disabled People’s Partnership (SDPP) and Advocacy in Surrey.

Their mission is to improve health and social care services and outcomes for people in Surrey. They do this by being an independent consumer champion ensuring that the voices of people in Surrey reach the ears of the decision makers.

Healthwatch Surrey want to hear from you about the health and social care services you are receiving. Please contact them with any feedback.

The Surrey Hubs

The Surrey Hubs are local centres that provide information and support to help people stay independent. They are based in the heart of the community and are open and accessible to everyone. Our teams of experienced volunteers provide a fast, efficient and knowledgeable information service. The Hubs offer access to advice and signposting to services for disabled people, older people, carers and families.

Information and advice is available regarding support in the local area and help in accessing social care, health and other services. Regular drop-in services are available with advocates and specialist advisers on welfare benefits, independent living and many other topics while the Hubs themselves are run by volunteers and trained staff, who can provide information on a range of issues such as transport, leisure, housing and access to mobility equipment.

The Surrey Hubs can also provide printed and online information and advice, including in a range of accessible formats such as Easy Read, audio and Braille.

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